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Ms Edwards has been sharing some of her fantastic hairstyles in celebration of Black History Month


Students have been producing some fantastic work for our Black History Month competition


First time cooking with pastry for our enrichment students. We are so proud of their marvellous cinnamon creations!


As our students, staff, parents and other visitors make their way home, I’ll leave you with the creations from our cooking enrichment group. The smell of cookies remains. Have a great evening all.


As the evening winds down, let’s also enjoy the sunset


Go Orpington Panthers! Just one of our enrichment opportunities at the school.


Mr Astin has just started his 6.45 speech.


Mr Rowe and Ms Hemming causing a stir with some drumming.


Sing along in French with our MFL teachers or sit with Mr Koubaa who will help you race against our students in matching the words to the images


Some of our other humanities subjects have joined forces tonight…


Miss Roberts Showing off our amazing Ruebens Tube.


Geography has an interactive map. Can you get the correct locations? Do you know your 4 figure grid references to win a sweet treat?


Welcome to social sciences, where some of the big questions are asked and ideologies are challenged.


Plus more activities for you to explore.


Drop down days and a 12.07 count down.


English is incorporating a more theatric take tonight…


Maths have a competition going on… who will win?


Just one of the amazing views of school grounds this evening


A selection of our amazing students work on show in the art department. Miss Miele and Mrs Woolmer are happy to talk about the curriculum and what our students explore, covering a range of interesting topics.


Our SEN department are happy to answer any questions. Or just pop along to meet the team.

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Parent Voice

Parental Feedback

We have had some fantastic feedback from Parents and Carers during the lockdown period, some of which is outlined below:

Mrs Witham:

'I just want to express my thanks to all the staff within the Academy for their continued support and hard work at such a difficult time and during the lockdown period. I work in the education sector myself and it was amazing the level of support you provided my son, and indeed all the students, with regular manageable workload aswell as regular contact from your office staff. I understand from friends, who have children of similar ages to my own, that most schools in the Borough did not infact provide this to their students ..’

‘.. Harris has certainly, in my eyes, shone above the other schools where support and education are concerned. I applaud you all and hope you continue the hard work. You have my full support at all times. 

Have a relaxing, well deserved break over half term!’

‘The teaching staff have been amazing trying to implement things for him…The mentor system is fantastic for him. We have regular contact and feedback from the school. Your staff have the patience of saints.. With regard to the online lessons and workload in this strange time, I think Harris have been once again amazing. Consistent workload, consistent contact and regular feedback! Excellent. Huge thanks.’

Miss Fiander: 

‘During lockdown I have been really impressed with the live lessons even though it is very difficult to get my daughter motivated to learn at home, Harris has done a brilliant job and cannot be faulted. Thank you’

Ms Francis:

‘I would like to take this opportunity to thank HAO for the outstanding way that they have handled the corona crisis. The phonecalls home are very welcome and nice to feel still connected to the school. The work set is realistic and consistent and well managed. Every time the government changed the rules the school has adapted accordingly with great correspondence to the parents..  I have no doubt that when all pupils return to school, Harris will do all they can to make sure the pupils catch up missed work. Please can my thanks be shared to staff and the SLT.  Many thanks’

Mrs Jenkins:

‘I would like to thank all the members of staff who helped my daughter. Ms Malik has been great during lockdown with her weekly calls home. It is obvious that my daughter and her have a good relationship as she does with other adults within the school, PE staff in particular. My son will be joining you in September and I hope he will enjoy school as much as his sister. Thank you.’

Mrs Campbell:

‘I recently emailed to express my gratitude for the covid response and the school staff in general. Problems are always resolved quickly and there is a real sense of care within the school community.’

We welcome feedback from Parents and Carers, feel free to email us at

The Harris Academy Orpington Parent Voice will meet each half term and is open to any parent who would like to contribute positively to the life of the academy.

Parental involvement is crucial to the academy’s continuous improvements. Although not a decision-making body, Parent Voice will influence decisions on a wide range of issues through an open dialogue with staff.

Next meeting dates

All meetings are held at Harris Academy Orpington, in the Training Hub from 5pm-6pm.

Thursday 14th October 2021

Thursday 16th December 2021

Thursday 24th February 2022

Thursday 21st April 2022

Thursday 23rd June 2022

The meetings will give feedback to the academy and contribute to policy-making on issues which affect parents. Having Parent Voice will help to create a culture within which parents, and the whole community, can feel part of the decision-making process and share their commitment to the school’s future.

If you would like to join Parent Voice, or would like more information, please email Mrs Rumble via

Key areas discussed to date, and actions taken:

The Academy held the last Parent Voice meeting remotely.  During the meeting, the Parent Voice discussed the online provision and mentioned this was an excellent blend of live lessons and tasks on Show My HomeWork.  The link to the minutes from the evening can be found below.


Page Downloads

Title Date  
Parent Voice Minutes_04.03.2021 05th Mar 2021 Download
Parent Voice Minutes_14.01.2021 19th Jan 2021 Download
Parent Voice PowerPoint 11.11.20 12th Nov 2020 Download