1st round of the London Cup, saw Harris Orpington take on Harris Beckenham in a local rivalry. A good game with Harris Orpington claiming a 4-0 victory.


For more information on this cause, follow the link:


Mr Stuchfield is raising awareness for - 'I am bravely sporting a truly egregious moustache in front of 800 children every day'.This is the before picture - Lets check back in at the end of the month for a progress check.To donate:


And taking the time to explore the trenches…Mr Koubaa joined in too!


Paying our respects at the Canadian memorial at Sanctuary wood


Yesterday was an early start for our avid historians! But they made it to Folkestone for the crossing over to Calais…



Thanks to those that attended this evening. It was great to see some alumni.


Fantastic display of our BTEC and Alevel Art and Design work at our Annual Art Exhibition


HAO are hosting its annual art exhibition, showcasing the amazing work of our students. This event is open to our parents and students and takes place on the 14 November, 5-7pm.


Our students are showing our visitors some of the experiments and course content they would cover in Biology, Chemistry and Physics.


Mr Astin is leading the Principal speech. Learn what HAO Sixth Form has to offer, what Ofsted said about us, as well as what our students think about the school.


Our Student Principals are opening up the speech part of our Open Evening.


Our Sixth Form Open Evening is tonight form 4:30pm.Entrance via Ramsden Road.


Looking forward to seeing you at our Sixth Form open evening this Thursday 2nd November!


Our Open Evening for Sixth Form is this Thursday. Come and see the school and find out about the subjects we have on offer.


We look forward to welcoming all students back today, for the new half-term.


Would you like to shape the future of our school?For more information, click the following link:


Thanks so much MandM for donating over 6,000 kits to our young footballers- they love football and are SO PROUD to be wearing their new kits. An incredibly generous gift.


Another goal to HAO with the last kick of the game. Final score 9-1 HAO win amazing game!

Harris Academies
All Academies in our Federation aim to transform the lives of the students they serve by bringing about rapid improvement in examination results, personal development and aspiration.

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Exam Results and Ofsted


We are pleased to share the outcome of our recent Ofsted inspection. Having looked carefully at all aspects of Harris Academy Orpington, the inspectors have upgraded our rating to Good with two areas (Personal Development and Sixth Form Provision) judged Outstanding. This is a very positive judgement and reflects the huge amount of progress underway at the school.

Inspectors were impressed with a number of areas of our school particularly the breadth of our curriculum and extracurricular programme, our focus on reading and student behaviour. We were very proud of the way our students conducted themselves during the visit and how courteous and polite they were to the inspectors.

Your can read the full report here.

Below are some highlights:

Harris Academy Orpington: Ofsted 2023

On our High Expectations:

· Leaders have established a culture that embodies the school’s motto, ‘Together we can’.

· Leaders have high expectations of what pupils can achieve.

On our Well-Designed Curriculum:

· Leaders have constructed a curriculum that is ambitious for all.

· Teachers have strong subject knowledge and present information clearly.

· Leaders place a high priority on reading.

On our Welcoming, Inclusive, and Safe Community:

· Pupils are safe, happy and well cared for by staff.

· Pupils develop a strong sense of community.

· Staff know pupils extremely well and as a result they are safe and happy.

· Leaders encourage pupils to respect people from different backgrounds and to challenge stereotypes.

· Leaders have developed an extremely strong culture of safeguarding in the school.

On our Students’ Personal Development:

· Leaders have developed an exceptionally high-quality personal development programme, including in the sixth form.

On our Broad Extra-Curricular Programme:

· Pupils have access to an exceptionally large range of wider opportunities which most pupils take part in.

On our Outstanding Sixth Form:

· In the sixth form, leaders provide students with excellent academic and pastoral support.

· Teachers ensure students in sixth form develop their knowledge and understanding very well.

· In sixth form, students produce work of a consistently high quality.

· Teachers support students in the sixth form extremely well to make choices about their future education and employment.

· Leaders make sure that students receive personal mentoring to help with applications to university courses.

Exam Results


In 2023 we achieved a Progress 8 score of -tbc. Our key performance statistics for 2022-3 are:

  • Progress 8: tbc
  • Attainment 8 score: 38.08
  • % Basics: 48% (4+) and 27% (5+)
  • Entering EBacc – 73.7%
  • Achieving EBacc was 25% (4+) and 14% (5+)

In 2022 we achieved a Progress 8 score of -0.32. Our key performance statistics for 2021-2 are:

  • Progress 8: -0.32
  • Attainment 8 score: 43.9
  • % Basics: 63% (4+) and 43% (5+)
  • Entering EBacc – 61%
  • Achieving EBacc was 42% (4+) and 25% (5+)

As a result of the COVID 19 pandemic, we are not required to publish exam and assessment results from the 2019-20 academic year.

In 2019 we achieved a Progress 8 score of -0.06, which puts us in line with national averages. Our key performance statistics for 2018-19 are:

  • Progress 8: -0.06
  • Attainment 8 score: 43.3
  • % Basics: 61% (4+) and 32% (5+)
  • Entering EBacc – 57%
  • Achieving EBacc was 28% (4+) and 15% (5+)

In 2018 we achieved a Progress 8 score of 0, which puts us in line with national averages. Our other key performance statistics for 2017-18 are:

  • Progress 8: 0.0
  • Attainment 8 score: 41.2
  • % Basics: 56% (4+) and 30% (5+)
  • Entering EBacc: 61%
  • Achieving EBacc: 21% (4+) and 15% (5+)

Sixth Form results


For 2023, Sixth Form results:

  • A-Level APE was 27.1 (C-)
  • Applied General APE was 24.7 (Merit-)
  • A-Level VA was tbc
  • Resit English was tbc
  • Resit Maths was tbc

For 2022, Sixth Form results were in line with national averages:

  • A-Level APE was 24.44 (D+)
  • Applied General APE was 28.3 (Merit+)
  • A-Level VA was tbc
  • Applied APE was 20.0 (Pass+)
  • Resit English was tbc
  • Resit Maths was tbc

For 2019, Sixth Form results were in line with national averages:

  • A-Level APE was 22.62 (C+)
  • A-Level VA was -0.6
  • Applied APE was 20.14 (Merit+)
  • Applied General APE was -0.2
  • Resit English was +-.6
  • Resit Maths was +0.4

For 2018, Sixth Form results were in line with national averages:

  • A-Level: +0.00
  • Average result: C - (27.0)
  • Applied General: -0.2
  • Average result: Merit (24.2)
  • English and Maths progress was: +0.3 (English) and +0.60 (Maths)

Visit our academy’s Department for Education performance web page for full details of our performance.

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