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HAO Basketball is up and running. It was a great turn out for our second Basketball session with Nxt Level Coaching.All students really enjoyed the session and are looking forward to next week’s already!


Kinetic Harris Orpington ~ Bromley Cup Winners 2024 🏆🥳 |


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Looking for activities for your young people to do over Easter? The Roman Legion exhibition is still on! Book tickets asap!🐰🌼🥚🐣


🎶🎵 Save the date! Lots of current and former HAO students have learned with over the years. 🎵🗣🎻🎺📯 🥁🎷🎸🎹 🎼 🎵 🎶#HAOmusic


Looking for activities for your young people to do over Easter? Book places asap!🐰🌼🥚🐣


🎶🎵 Well done to Alisha in Year 9 who performed two pieces at the piano concert on Monday evening last week! 🎹 🎼 🎵 🎶#HAOmusic


🎬Interested in how to make a movie?🎬 🎥🎞🎬📽🍿


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🎶🎵 Register now! 🎵🗣🎤🎭 🎼 🎵 🎶#HAOmusic


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🎶🎵 The next online masterclass with Paa Kow is on Sunday24th March, 16:00 – 17:30 via Zoom. Details and RSVP at 🎵🥁


🎶🎵 Every penny counts! Twice! 🎵🗣🎤🎭 🎼 🎵 🎶#HAOmusic


🎶🎵 Register now! 🎵🥁🎻🎷🎺🎸📯 🎼 🎵 🎶#HAOmusic


🎶🎵 Indulge in listening to some great music! 🎵🗣🎤 🎼 🎵 🎶Never too late to listen in.#HAOmusic


🎶🎵 Would you like to participate in an ensemble this year? Go to BYMT between 9-11th April in the Easter holidays and have a go! 🎵🗣🎻🎺📯 🥁🎷🎸🎹 🎼 🎵 🎶#HAOmusic


Thank you for attending and giving our students a chance to explore more career options


Our first cohort to talk future aspirations with our guests are Year 9.

Harris Academies
All Academies in our Federation aim to transform the lives of the students they serve by bringing about rapid improvement in examination results, personal development and aspiration.

Central Office

















Working With External Agencies

As an academy we are keen to work with external agencies to help support our students and/or their families. Some of the main external agencies that we work alongside are listed below.

Bromley Social Care

Sometimes our families need support from numerous external agencies. Bromley Social Care may want to support to ensure that all professionals are staying connected. Through regular meetings Social Care are able to help support and monitor.

Bromley Children’s Project

This is a borough-wide service that supports families living in Bromley to create a safe, secure and happy environment for all children, by reaching out to expectant parents, current parents and young people aged up to 18 years; particularly those who are struggling and are in need of additional help. The project:

  • supports families with children aged under 18 by offering quality targeted parenting courses and one to one family support
  • provides impartial information, advice and support for parents of children with special educational needs
  • provides impartial information and advice for all parents on their child's transition from primary school to secondary school
  • helps all children make the most of their time at school by empowering parents, encouraging them to be enthusiastic and involved in their children’s education, and to continue their own education and training


CAMHS is the name for the NHS services that assess and treat young people with emotional, behavioural or mental health difficulties. They provides specialist mental health services to children and their families living in the borough of Bromley. It also provides advice, consultation and support to other individuals and agencies involved in providing services to children and young people.

The Bromley Wellbeing Service is the single point of access in Bromley for all children’s emotional and mental wellbeing. A referral needs to be made via the Bromley Wellbeing Service for a child or young person to be seen at Bromley CAMHS.

The Police

Through the Safer Schools team within the Police, we have an allocated officer who visits the Academy, to help support us with education and supporting our young people. The aims of this are to:

  • increase positive engagement with young people, parents and teachers to increase confidence
  • provide reassurance to young people, parents and the wider community through greater visibility and accessibility by developing partnership activities like safer routes to and from schools
  • minimise the risk of Serious Youth Violence (SYV) and crime to young Londoners by delivering preventive education, intervening with those already involved in criminal activity, and reducing the availability of weapons within our communities.
  • significantly reduce the number of young victims of crime through preventative education on subjects like personal / property safety, etc.

Bromley Mentoring scheme

The Bromley Mentoring Initiative is part of the London Borough of Bromley and was formed in 1999 to provide a multi-agency and borough-wide approach to mentoring for children and young people. Their volunteer mentors offer support and develop trusting relationships with young people who may be experiencing difficulties in their lives and want to make a change.