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To help Y11 with mock exams preparations, Harris have put together some excellent resources:


Should you need to communicate with Harris Academy Orpington please email: Please limit information to your child's name and year group only. This email is being monitored and we will contact you regarding your enquiry.


Brilliant assembly this morning from Students have already started their portfolios


Well done to our Year 11s for remaining focused and working hard. See the link below to the Revision Masterclasses which are taking place during the Easter break:


To reward students’ vocabulary work, Bedrock are giving away 2 Chromebook laptops& 50 £10 Amazon vouchers! Winners will be chosen at random from all students who earn 120 or more Bedrock Points this half term.Vocabulary matters at Harris Academy Orpington


Some fantastic artwork from one of our aspiring artists in Year 7


Another amazing free show - this time to celebrate International Women's Day: LETTERS LIVE ft. Olivia Colman, Gillian Anderson, Daisy Ridley | FULL SHOW. It's available until Sunday! via


Calling all HAO drummers and percussionists! 🎵🥁


Calling all HAO composers, drummers and percussionists! 🎵🥁📝


Take a look at these careers available in TV National Careers Week: Finding the job that fits you in television - BBC Bitesize ⁦


Calling all parents, carers, siblings and grandparents to join in on the fun and help to win your child's form group some golden tickets for our annual reading 'Charlie's Chocolate Challenge'


Happy World Book Day!!! Who says you can't have fun in lockdown? Can you name the book, author, character and member of staff from the picture?


It's less than 24hrs to World Book Day & we have entries for Wonka Golden Tickets coming in thick & fast. 7B aka Augustus Gloop are leading the way to winning the chocolate banquet. There's still time to enter one of our home challenge or Oompa Loompa tasks on SMHW


With world book day coming up have you ever wondered what it would be like to be a book publicist? What's It Like To Be a Book Publicist? 📚🐧 via


Have you had a look at to investigate careers?


This week is National Careers Week. Take a look at these future proof jobs.


Our Year 10 Art students have been producing some beautiful artwork at home responding to natural forms


HAO students are still making music even if the concert venue is their living room! This week's performances are bass guitar, voice & uke, and trumpet. Check out HAO Creates Music! at


This week's writing challenge is to create a persuasive advert for your dream Candy or Chocolate bar. It can be a poster or script to a TV advert - happy writing

Harris Academies
All Academies in our Federation aim to transform the lives of the students they serve by bringing about rapid improvement in examination results, personal development and aspiration.

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The intent of our Personal, Social, Health, Citizenship and Ecomonic (PSHCE) education curriculum is to deliver a curriculum which is accessible to all and ensures that every student will gain knowledge, empathy, curiosity and understanding which enables them to develop characters that can and will succeed within our ever changing, fast moving society. Our tailored curriculum intends to:

·     Provide powerful knowledge about our civic society and social world, instilling optimism for the future as members of society

·     Develop a high level of civic, media and information literacy, enabling our students to engage in modern British society in a thoughtful, critical and informed way and in doing so fulfil their civic responsibility to engage powerfully with our democracy

·     Provide social and cultural literacy, which will enable students to engage fully in British culture, society, literature, and the arts, all of which aid in building resilience and encourage students to partake fully in their communities

·     Develop a working knowledge of and practical appreciation for the diverse range of groups and cultures present in our school, local and national community, which enables true empathy to develop and be shown in appropriate ways

·     Instil an understanding of and respect for the fundamental British values of democracy, tolerance, individual liberty and the rule of law

·     Enable our students to engage actively and productively in the social, cultural, religious, civic and political life of the United Kingdom as thoughtful and reflective citizens, committed to not just their own success, but that of society.

·     Equip our students with the skills to think critically and debate political questions, to enable them to manage their money on a day-to-day basis, and plan for future financial needs

·     Develop student’s knowledge about families, respectful relationships, safety, intimate and sexual relationships (including sexual health) and the status of the law in these areas

·     Provide practical skills to ensure students remain safe online

·     Provide a comprehensive understanding of the risks associated with substance misuse, gambling and debt

·     Inform students about changes to their body through puberty

·     Emphasise the importance of self-care and strategies for building resilience

·     Signpost students to further sources of help and support.


Our aim is to provide students with a knowledge of their world, locally, nationally and globally, and give them confidence to tackle many of the moral, social and cultural issues that are part of growing up within this.


PSHCE at HAO plays a key role in creating social cohesion and generating genuine understanding between communities reducing friction, intolerance and social unrest. At a time when communities are becoming more diverse, there is an even greater need for a more tolerant society. Therefore, the curriculum forms a rich and broad narrative, so that pupils can take necessary action where there is injustice and bias, collaborate with others, and endeavour to search for their own active role within society, while still respecting the opinions of others and ensuring they take care of their own wellbeing and maintain healthy relationships.

How will this be implemented?

The curriculum is structured so that the topics follow a progression from one year to the next and are appropriate for the age and experiences of pupils. In addition to the curriculum, students from Years 7-11 also participate in drop down days with visiting professionals and experts who cover topics such as sexual health.

It is our aspiration that all staff within the Academy will engage in meaningful and powerful discussion with students to improve their knowledge of the world around them and of contemporary issues in society. It is our intention that all students regardless of context or disability have full access to the PHSE programme.

Students in Years 7-10 receive timetabled sessions each week dedicated to PSHCE which is complemented by the assembly programme and additional Thematic Days. Students in Year 11 also receive an additional timetabled lesson. In Years 12 and 13, tutors deliver tutor time of PSHCE and one tutor time per week of current affairs to build on the skills and knowledge that students developed at Key Stages 3 and 4. This is complemented by assemblies on age-appropriate topics for the sixth formers (see separate assembly programme) and Thematic Days.

We believe that the skills and knowledge gained from studying PSHCE is wide reaching. We have based our curriculum on the national statutory guidelines for PSHCE, adapting these in line with the needs of our students and the context in which they live. Having researched several different curriculum support sites, we have adapted our planning to meet the needs of our students and the wider community. The three core themes from the national guidelines are included across all year groups and cover:

·     Health and Well Being;

·     Relationships;

·     Living in the wider world.

How will we judge the impact of this curriculum?

Students will leave the academy equipped with the knowledge and skills needed to be active participants in society. Whilst at school students will be committed to their own success as well as that of those around them and optimistic about their future and the contributions they can make. They will be resilient when faced with challenges and have a toolkit of strategies and places to turn for help, and they will be empathetic to those around them.

The knowledge and confidence gained through their PSHCE studies will be illustrated through the decisions they make, and the measured risks they take in the future. Additionally, we may use the following measures to assess the impact of our curriculum.

Student Voice. Students will be able to articulate what they have learnt, in what sequence and why. They will be able to share what skills and knowledge they have acquired and how this can be applied outside of lessons. When completing tasks and units of work, students will be able to explain where this fits in the curriculum and make links to other parts of the course.

Teacher knowledge audits.Conversations held with teaching staff will ensure they know what they are working towards and assess where plans may need to be amended to further students learning.

Formative assessment.Through regular discussions in lessons and tutor times on topical issues, students will present their development during lessons and tutor periods, with teachers using this to close gaps in knowledge and offer further support to students who need it.

Please see the link below for an overview of our assemblies and tutor programmes: