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Fantastic enthusiasm from our cookery enrichment group, which is part of our extended curriculum.


Another exciting start to the week for Harris Orpington and another fantastic performance from the Globe Players. A Christmas Carol was brought to life to years 10 and 11 and yet again, they were brilliant!


Delighted to see so many happy faces here this morning at Harris Orpington with our incredible year 11 students collecting their GCSE results


We are really proud of our Year 13s after such a difficult year and absolutely delighted to see so many happy faces


Retweetd From Formula 1

BREAKING: Sebastian Vettel has been disqualified from the , losing his second place Stewards were unable to take the required amount of fuel for sampling following the race


Girls turn


Students getting ready for the year 10 200m race. HAO sports day


Year 12 and 10 attending the Spirituality Conference today


Year 7 students have created some fantastic Islamic inspired art prints


Some of our Year 8 students completed their watercolour lesson in the sunshine. They produced some fantastic work!


Including an 'in action' video!


Year 8s learned about forces and propulsion in their recent workshop, creating cars powered by balloons! Check out some of these awesome designs!


Year 10 started their virtual work experience this morning with Everyone is working hard


Year 10 engaging with Holocaust Memorial day and exploring the discrimination and atrocities


We're pleased to see another team have escaped!


I 'wonder' which Year 7 will win our reading bingo today?


More 'escape' room antics and team building from 'The Big Picture' Day


A great start to our ‘The Big Picture’ Day! So far we have had interactive timelines with Year 10. Year 9 trying to ‘escape’ the ranch from ‘Of Mice and Men’ and Year 7 completing team building. There’s more fun to come!


It was lovely to welcome the ‘Globe Players’ back to perform Macbeth to our year ten students today. Students are already looking forward to next year’s performances of An Inspector Calls and A Christmas Carol

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Intent, Implementation and Impact

What is the intention of our KS3 curriculum?

At Harris Academy Orpington our vision is clearly communicated to our students.  ‘We want you to know stories of the past, explore scholarship and examine sources of Britain and the wider world. You will be curious and critical of the diverse and changing world around you and the impact you can make upon it’.

The history curriculum at Harris Academy Orpington will:

  • Increase knowledge of historical periods, people, trends and events - both to develop and retain a rich knowledge of the past
  • Increase disciplinary knowledge by engaging students with latest scholarship, historical sources as well as varied and changing interpretations of the past
  • Ensure that knowledge is retained through a planned curriculum, chronologically sequenced and driven by historical enquiries
  • Ensure students are able to communicate their understanding of the complex past using subject specific language to enable them to construct written and verbal responses
  • Ensure that the curriculum we deliver gives students the opportunity to study an overarching narrative of British history in relation to the local, national and wider world
  • Interweave diverse histories which speak to our student’s own identities and gives them a greater sense of place and belonging within the world they live in

Through doing this, students will gain ownership of their skills and understanding of the discipline of history and its importance in every individual’s life.  

How will this be implemented?

We teach all topics through historical enquiries focused around a second-order concept, such as ‘historical significance’. These explore local, national and world histories, putting an emphasis on the discipline of history and the complexities of the past. We strive to make our curriculum diverse and representative of all protected characteristics.

Additionally, students celebrate, commemorate and participate in history beyond the curriculum with our KS5 fellowship programme, termly competitions, educational visits, assemblies and national awareness days.

The topics covered at KS3, KS4 and KS5 are as follows*:

History curriculum 2021 22

* Years 8 and 9 for 2021-22 have an adapted curriculum due to Covid-19 but still meets the vision for the department.

How will we judge the impact of the curriculum?

As a department, we judge the impact our history curriculum has on all students through our Monitoring, Evaluation and Review (MER) process for the department. This process has been designed to maintain the consistency of quality teaching and the effectiveness of the history curriculum using summative and formative assessment, lesson drop-ins, book looks and discussions with students. This helps to further develop the history curriculum in the long-term.

Additionally, the impact of the history curriculum is judged through Federation-wide summative assessments twice a year. This means that students’ progress can be analysed, in relation to thousands of other history students across London. This helps inform conversations around curriculum and ongoing professional development of the department. We use varied styles of formative assessment throughout our lessons and at the end of each historical enquiry.

Students receive feedback in line with Harris Academy Orpington’s feedback and marking policy. Within history, we ensure students receive constructive feedback on their substantive and disciplinary knowledge. Students are given opportunity within lesson time to discuss their feedback with their teacher, redraft their work and therefore improve.