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We are so proud of our students who have diligently worked on hard copies of lessons throughout lockdown. Lack of technology doesn't stop the Harris Orpington students


We are so proud of our students who have diligently worked on hard copies of lessons throughout lockdown. Lack of technology doesn't stop the Harris Orpington students


Midday Mindful Meditation with Ms Marshall-Fraser can be accessed today via the following link:


Our students continue to compete to win our Bedrock competition. Well done to this week’s winners: Year 7- David H Year 8- Dominic M Year 9- Jorge S Year 10- Sara M


Millie in Year 8 has produced her response to BLM in the style of Artist Barbara Kruger


Another fantastic copy of the The Scream by Edvard Munch from Doresa in Year 8 with an informative analysis of the work


Sara and Sophie from Year 10 have produced some amazing portrait studies in the style of the artist Josh Bryan who uses 'triangulisation' to create shape and tone


Year 7 have focused on colour theory and the artist Hundertwasser, who uses lots of cool and warm colours in his landscapes. Look at this fantastic piece from Omar:


Yr8 and Yr9 had a Black Lives Matter lesson, where students watched a Ted talk and learnt about the social activist artist called Adam Pendleton, and then created their own fantastic artwork


Yr 8 students were asked to respond to artist Barbara Kruger by using text and image to come up with a statement relating to a current issue facing society today. Sharni responded to cyber bullying with this incredibly powerful piece


Luke and Callum from Yr7, won last week's Faculty Friday, 'Recreating a famous artwork'. Luke directed Callum to recreate Edvard Munch's painting - The Scream 1893


' Gratitude brings happiness and hope'. We are a grateful team. Comment on what you are most grateful for today.


' Gratitude brings happiness and hope'. We are a grateful team. Comment on what you are most grateful for today.


Learning rhythm at home: Doresa in Year 8 learned how to 'cup' from movie Pitch Perfect's "Cup Song" in a music lesson.


Check out the 10 minute video I made about Mindful Breathing:


Our amazing students have again been working really hard to win the weekly Bedrock Competition. The winners are: Yr 7- Chris G Yr 8- Burak Y Yr 9- Zachary S Yr 10- Joe L Well done!


Pleased to start welcoming students back to the Academy. We have missed you.


Our students have continued to battle it out to win our Bedrock Learning competition. Last week’s winners are: Yr7- Chris G- 7Y2 Yr8- Nathan W- 8B1 Yr9- Jorge S – 9B1 Yr10 – Joe L- 10R1 Well Done!


Congratulations to the winners of last week’s Bedrock competition: Year 7 - Chris G 7Y2 Year 8 - Nathan W 8B1 Year 9 - Ronnie J CW 9R2 Year 10 – Angel M 10B1


Our Duke of Edinburgh students have contributed an incredible 702 hours volunteering to help others, this equates to a social value of £3,054. This has made such a positive impact on our local community

Harris Academies
All Academies in our Federation aim to transform the lives of the students they serve by bringing about rapid improvement in examination results, personal development and aspiration.

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Virtual School and Online Learning

New 'remote working' arrangements for students

Academy updates on school closures will now be published on a dedicated website:

What is expected of me

You are expected to complete and submit for all tasks set by your teachers by the given deadlines. Your tasks will be set on Microsoft Teams and Show My Homework. Your teacher will use these platforms to monitor your completion of the tasks and to provide feedback. You will be given deadlines, and you must meet them.

If your teacher is concerned that you may be falling behind, they will first contact you on Teams and check that you are ok, that you understand and make sure you have enough support to complete the work. This is exactly as they would do at school.

Just like at school, if your teacher is very concerned that you aren’t logging into Teams and completing work, despite them having communicated with you, they will contact your parent or carer and raise the concerns with them.

The best way for you to manage your workload at home is to follow your timetable closely. Your teachers will provide you with plenty of work to help you to do this. 

Please see below the On-Line Timetables for live lessons with teachers for Y7-10. Please let us know via if you would like us to send you paper packs of the work.

Year 11 are working on transition work in preparation for Y12 and Sixth Form students are working on-line with their teachers via Teams or Show My Homework.

Yr 7 online learning timetableYr 8 online learning timetable

Yr 9 online learning timetable

Yr 10 online learning timetable

How can I get help from my teacher?

If you have attempted a task and you find you are unable to complete it because you need more guidance, you should first message your teacher on Teams and then by email if you don’t get a response – there is a risk that your message may not have reached your teacher if something has gone wrong.

You can always use the ‘chat’ function in Teams to seek support during lessons. You should never just ‘leave’ the work; you are responsible for managing your work and it must all be completed in full.

How should I communicate with my teacher

This section has guidance about how to communicate with your teacher and other students about schoolwork, school matters or any worries or questions you may have.

You should send messages using Teams and/or email to your teachers to ask questions or for support.

All email communication should be made between the school hours on weekdays. Your teachers will not communicate with you outside of these times.

Your email communication and all messages on Teams should be formal

How will I know when it is going to open again?


­New information from the school about coronavirus, including details of possible school closures, can be found at This will always have the very latest information.

We will also update the school website and twitter, which we will update daily with any new information. Please check there each morning to see if there is anything new in our announcements page.

We will also email your parents/carers to keep them up to date. Any emails to parents/carers will be copied to the website so that you can see them there.

You won’t easily be able to call the school as there will not be lots of staff on duty. If there are any changes or any guidance published by exam boards for your examinations, we will let you know of this immediately.

How do I access the remote working systems?

Click the document below for guidance on how to log in and use Teams, Show My Homework and other learning platforms.

Students guide to submitting your work online

The below link is an instructional link on how to submit your work online.

Click here for the link - Submitting work online


DforE Guidance for parents and carers: keeping children safe online

The Department for Education has updated their information for parents and carers to include a section on keeping children safe online. It provides links to online resources that will help support parents and carers in keeping their children safe online. 
Full details can be found in section 6.3 of the guidance for parents and carers on the closure of educational settings: 


Page Downloads

Title Date  
Home learning guide for parents 27th Mar 2020 Download
How To mircrosoft teams pic guide. 03rd Jun 2020 Download
How to save work 03rd Jun 2020 Download
Remote Learning Guidance 18th Mar 2020 Download
SMHW Log in instructions 24th Mar 2020 Download
Yr 10 Online Learning Timetable 03rd Jun 2020 Download
Yr 7 Online Learning Timetable 03rd Jun 2020 Download
Yr 8 Online Learning Timetable 03rd Jun 2020 Download
Yr 9 Online Learning Timetable 03rd Jun 2020 Download