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Harris Academies
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Exam Board: AQA


During the course students will continue to develop their skills as both performer and critic. They will study further practitioners and texts, as well as exploring the advanced skills of devising effective Drama from scratch.


Component 1 – Drama and Theatre (80 marks, 40% of A-Level)

Students explore two set plays and develop their knowledge and understanding of Drama and Theatre through practical exploration, as well as theoretical analysis and comparison. Students also analyse and evaluate the work of live theatre makers through the study and scrutiny of a live theatre production.

This component is assessed though a three hour (open book) written exam, consisting of three sections:

Section A: one question (from a choice) on one of the first set play: A (25 marks)

Section B: one three-part question on a given extract from the other set play: B (30 marks)

Section C: one question (from a choice) on the work of theatre makes in a single live production studies (25 marks)

Component 2 – Creating Original Drama (60 marks, 30% of A-Level)

During this module students will explore the process of creating devised Drama influenced by the work and methodologies of one prescribed practitioner. Students will create their own devised performance pieces and explore a range of dramatic forms, themes and genres and gain firsthand experience of the devising process.

This component is assessed through:

A live performance (20 marks)

A working notebook, detailing the creative process (20 marks)

Component 3 – Making Theatre (60 marks, 30% of A-Level)

Students will explore a range of forms, genres and styles through the practical study and investigation of three extracts from three different plays. The methodology of a prescribed practitioner will be applied to extract 3. During the module students will write a reflective report analysing and evaluating their own theatrical interpretation of all three extracts.

This component is assessed through:

A live performance of extract 3 (40 marks)

A reflective report (20 marks)

Career Progression

A Level Drama provides fantastic preparation for a wide range of Higher Education courses such as: Drama and Theatre Studies, Theatre Production, Set Design, Performing Arts and various Drama UK accredited acting and design courses; as well as numerous academic subjects. A-Level Drama teaches invaluable life skills that are applicable in the workplace and wider world. Students develop excellent confidence and public speaking skills, as well as the ability to analyse and evaluate creatively, critically and theoretically.